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#32: Andrew Heath | Playing Pro Basketball & NBA Coaching in China
Engage With David Walker

#32: Andrew Heath | Playing Pro Basketball & NBA Coaching in China

Andrew Heath is a basketball coach based in San Francisco. He got passed over for jobs early in his coaching career... Making it as far as the final two candidates before ultimately missing out. He needed overseas experience to plug the gaps in his CV... And so began a three-year adventure in China. There, he coached an NBA academy... While also playing professional basketball in the minor leagues. He now directs and coaches at a school in San Francisco... And runs his own coaching program - Andrew Heath Basketball. Quote: "I had a mindset of just say 'yes' to everything. Every opportunity that comes up, just say 'yes' to it. Try new food. Hang out with new people. Experience new stuff" - Andrew Heath. Andrew Heath Reveals: - Why he doesn't tell every child he coaches they are capable of playing at college or professionally... and saves that conversation only for those genuinely able to play at a higher level! - How he began coaching immediately after graduating from college... and his surprise at professional players taking on board the advice he gave them! - His frustration at losing out to the other candidate at the final round of job interviews... which lead to a three-year stint in China to plug the gaps in his CV! - His mantra of "say yes to everything" when living in China... where he didn't know anybody or speak the language! - Playing in China's second-tier pro-basketball scene... including shooting television commercials, appearing on posters and getting paid! - Coaching the San Francisco Power in the WUBA on his return from China... and guiding them to play-offs in their first season! - How his Ball to Books program grew from a simple month-long social media challenge... to running free basketball camps over the past two years for children who can't afford them, providing free educational resources and donating to organisations affected by the recent pandemic! Resources From Andrew Heath: Check out Andrew's coaching here: Follow Andrew on Instagram: For more details on Ball 2 Books, visit: Resources From David Walker: If you enjoy Engage, please show your support here: Check out the Engage with David Walker website here: Check out David's blog for more free content and training: Engage with David Walker socials: YouTube: Facebook: Music by Peyruis :
Performance Pulse #5 | Andrew Heath
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Performance Pulse #5 | Andrew Heath

🎙️ Performance Pulse Podcast - Episode 5: A Journey Through the Courts: Andrew Heath's Impact on Basketball and Beyond Dive into Andrew Heath's inspiring journey on this episode of Performance Pulse, as we explore his profound impact on basketball from his collegiate days to his roles beyond the court. Andrew's dedication to the sport and his community showcases the powerful blend of personal growth and societal impact achievable through basketball. Episode Highlights: Starting at Emmanuel College, Andrew Heath shone in basketball and track, laying the groundwork for a career that spans various influential roles in the sport. As a highlight of his comprehensive understanding of basketball, he is currently the Director of Athletics and head varsity basketball coach at The Drew School and founder of the non-profit Ball2Books. Andrew leverages basketball for social good, proving his commitment to using the sport as a vehicle for positive change. This episode celebrates Andrew Heath as a key figure in the sports industry, showcasing basketball's expansive growth and the opportunities it provides for making a difference. Spotify: 🔗 Connect with Andrew Heath: LinkedIn: Instagram: @andrewheathbasketball Facebook: Andrew Heath Basketball YouTube: Ball2Books Website:
Andrew Heath - Former Professional Basketball Player, High School Head Coach
Basketball Coach
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Basketball Coach

Andrew Heath has been around the game of basketball his entire life as a player, coach, consultant and trainer. After finishing his undergraduate degree at Emmanuel College, where he was a two sport athlete in Basketball and Track & Field, he quickly found himself back on the court coaching and training. Over the next few years he had the opportunity to work with high level players from the NBA, WNBA, international leagues and collegiate athletes while working part time at the Harvard University Athletic Department as a Marketing and Promotions Assistant. During the summer months he managed professional exposure camps helping recent college grads and current pros secure contracts in the international market. Andrew went on to get his Master’s Degree at Manhattanville College in Sports Management while serving as a team manager for the ABA’s (American Basketball Associations) Bronx Holy Flames. Upon finishing his degree he moved to Beijing, China where he continued his basketball journey, as a manager and coach for the NBA Yao Basketball Club and NBA Academy in addition to serving as an assistant coach at Harrow International School. Furthermore, during his time in Beijing he was part of the Beijing Panthers, competing in leagues, games and tournaments throughout China. Upon returning to America, he founded Andrew Heath Basketball(AHB), a basketball coaching and consulting company working with athletes of all ages and skill sets. Under AHB, Andrew has leveraged his international network to host camps and clinics in Hong Kong, Australia and Mexico. In 2019, Andrew co-founded Ball 2 Books, a non-profit initiative providing educational resources and supplies to underserved communities and schools
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